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F.A.Q. !

1.How can I host my own domain?

In case you have own domanin and you wish to host him you must contact the firm where the domain is registred,to change the name of the server to the one we comunicate to you.Almost all the firms who register domains put at you disposition a online administration interface where you can change the name of the servers.

After you changed the name of the server you must wait almost 48 hours for the propagation of the information on the internet,and make know your new host.

Once the location of your site is propagated,you can put your site on the server.

2.How will look my web page`s adress if I have a free domain?

If you`ve a free account your page will look like http://name-chosed.domain-chosed.

The aplication ofers a lot of predefinited domains for your free can find your page at the adress http://name-chosed.domain-chosed or or are valide).

3.How can I load the content of my site on the server?

The content of the site can be loaded by FTP or by the help of the FileManager aplication.

FTP Client you can find searching with searching engines after the words "download FTP client"or a similar combination.

You can find the File Manager aplication in the Administration Panel after you enter on your account and picked the domain you wished.

4.How can I use my e-mail adress?

To use your e-mail account you will need the e-mail client aplication. The configuration date can be find in the Administration Panel.

Also you can acces the e-mail adress with a web interface (web mail) who can be used from the Administration Panel.

5.How can I actvate / set the data base My SQL?

The acces and set features for the data base you can find them in the Adminisration Panel picking the Database Account icon,to create a data base user.and then Database Manager icon to create the data base.

6.Can I circulate PHP scripts on my account?

Yes, you can circulate PHP scripts on your account.